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Wow.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated here.  Not that we haven’t been busy, that’s for sure.  It looks like the last time I wrote anything was way back in April.  So what’s new since then…

I participated in the 2012 24 Hour Film Race at the very beginning of June.  It’s a crazy 24 hour film making whirl wind.  From 9pm Friday night to 9pm Saturday we wrote, produced, shot, edited and submitted a 3.5 minute short film.  We were up against teams from all over the world.  This was not my first film race so I was well prepared for the trials involved with getting all of the elements in place and pushing pushing pushing pushing until it was done.

I was very pleased with the way the film turned out.  We went for a 50’s b-movie type script and I got to be the cinematographer.  It was a challenge to emulate the look and feel of the 50’s films with modern camera equipment.  I ended up shooting in black and white on the camera instead of adjusting it in post.  I used the lowest contrast I could set on my camera to match the film stock available in the 50’s and I avoided hand holding the camera as much as possible since the camera’s in the 50’s weighed hundreds of pounds and were not very mobile.  As a final touch I put a diffusion filter on my lens to give the film a dreamy look.

In the end all of the hard work paid off.  The film won “Best Cinematography” for the Minneapolis region.  I was super proud of wining the award, it was incredibly validating to have my work judged to be the best in the competition by local professionals.  It is encouraging and makes me want to get out and make films more than ever.

After the film race I got married.  Best thing ever!  The day was amazing (what I remember of it) and everything went off without a hitch.  Except for the one that is supposed to happen.  The photobooth that I made for the wedding was a smashing success too.  You can check out some of the pictures from the booth over on Facebook.  Hopefully soon I can get some more use out of it.

We had an awesome honeymoon up on the north shore of Lake Superior.  We got some great pictures which you can also find on our Facebook page.  And we came back the morning after the region received 9-10 inches of rain in one night and there was massive flooding.  It made getting back home a little bit of a challenge.  We stopped at Gooseberry Falls State park and got a first hand look at how high the water was running.

We were lucky to make it back to the Twin Cities that day with all the road closures and detours.

After we got back we got the chance to shoot a wedding video for another happy couple.  It was a good experience full of challenges both for shooting a wedding using DSLR cameras and for my first experience editing with Final Cut Pro X.  It turned out really well and the couple were extremely happy with the video.

And just a few weekends ago I spent a day with a local screenwriter who was selected for a national IFP screenwriter/film maker development conference in NYC.  She needed a “Look Book” which is a graphical collection of colors, images etc that are or could be part of the film or build the theme or mes en sein (sp?) of the script.  So we spent the morning and part of the afternoon driving all over south eastern Minnesota taking pictures of houses, churches, main streets, a cafe and some chickens.  It was a fun experience and something that I might do in the future for a photography project of for a film that I am working on.

The last little bit of update information is that I have put in my notice at my current employer so that I can pursue this sort of stuff full time.  It is simultaneously exciting and scary as hell.  Lots of big challenges ahead both creatively and personally as I try to find fulfilling things to do and to hopefully find myself doing something that I love and that brings in some income.

That is all for now, but there will be many and more frequent updates to come after this coming Friday when I enter the self-(un)employed life of an artist.

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Been a while since we updated the world with “What’s going on over at MarKei?”  So here I am to tell you.  Marie and I have been super busy with that whole wedding thing that’s coming up in like 4 months (kinda had an oh sh!t moment right there adding it up).  Related to that I have been working on coming up with a photo booth we can set up at our wedding so everyone can take some wacky pictures and put them into a guest book for us.  I have come up with a nearly finalized plan for the construction and set up using 1.5″ pvc, plywood, fabric for drapes, table, printer etc etc, and we have already found software to run the booth.  We also plan to offer the booth as part of our business, just in case you were thinking I was going a bit far with this just for ourselves.

I’ve been keeping up with doing my weekly PhotoFriday challenge, though I haven’t been able to use a new picture every week.  Finding time to go out and take pictures and finding inspiration hasn’t been the easiest the last few weeks.  And some joker over at PhotoFriday decided to pick “greenery” as a subject in the middle of January…

I’ve also been doing a little astro photography with my brother.  The other week we took apart the 12.5″ Newtonian telescope that my grandfather made many years ago and is now mine.  The plan is to rebuild it with the intent to use it as a really big lens for my camera.  While we were doing that I had my camera piggy backing on my brothers Newtonian telescope (also built by our grandfather) taking pictures.  I also tried out some photo stacking of those images, a process used to combine images to get more information out of them.

Stack of 15 images

Single image

Can you see the difference?  Yeah not really.  And that represents several hours of work.  Oh well, maybe with more images and something more definitive to look at (Double Cluster by the way).  The moon was also 3/4 full the night I took the pictures, so that washed out some of the lower magnitude stars.  Going to try again at the end of the month, hopefully at least piggybacked on my telescope, if not through it.

In other news we have another shooting day scheduled with Paul Marso of Epicurean Design to take photographs of a kitchen and a bathroom that he has redone.  Previous work we have done for Paul was a shoot at The Four Firkins in St. Louis Park (which is an absolute must visit for craft beer lovers), and a fireplace with built in cabinets and shelves in downtown Minneapolis.

On yet another front, Marie built a small lightbox to take product pictures of a co-workers hand made ear rings.  Haven’t yet had the chance to try it out, but it should work fantastically for doing well lit photography of small objects.  I’ve considered using it for creating different scenes using lego figures.  Who knows what else I’ll come up with to use it for.

And lastly we have two jobs scheduled farther out.  We are doing some prom photo’s for the daughter of another of Marie’s co-workers in April.  That should be fun.  I look forward to doing some more portrait photography.  And we are tentatively scheduled to video a wedding in July.  Still in the early stages of negotiating that one.

And that is what we have been up to recently.  Whew!

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